Kataclima offers a full and qualified support to companies that want to respect the obligations established by the ETS and enjoy the opportunities of the regulated carbon market. […]


Kataclima offers the possibility of complete hydrogeological studies. The skills of our hydrogeologists range from field investigation to the implementation of complex numerical models of flow and transport. Special features of our work is the intersection of a solid experience with powerful IT tools. […]


Kataclima is the Italian partner of VerifAvia Ltd, a certification of the emissions of greenhouse gases covered by EU-ETS, specializing in Aviation. Contact us for a free quote for an audit of the emissions of a company […]

IT: Digital Signature, GIS, etc.

Kataclima integrates its services with expert solutions related to web communication, software development and IT support for any need. As Aruba Registration Centre, Kataclima also quickly provides devices for the digital signature […]

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Kataclima is a young and competitive company working in the fast evolving environmental, carbon and energy market.

Kataclima supports its public and private clients through an integrated view of the different aspects of sustainable energy, climate change and environmental issues, combining strategic interpretation of the regulatory framework, incentives and market, with the technical and management expertise to carry out projects or provide specialized services.

Through the benefits of energy efficiency and the economic employment of the greenhouse gas emissions reductions, Kataclima offers tools to find the advantages of projects implemented by private companies, local and national governments and other institutional actors interested in the climate change and energy sector. In particular, Kataclima analyses the needs and costs of the clients which are obliged to reduce emissions, and optimize the opportunities related to carbon and energy market.

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About us

Kataclima was founded by a team with a strong experience in the design, implementation and management of climate change policies and projects to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

The experts have worked in the energy, financial and environmental sector in private companies, as well as in public institutions, participating in the creation and implementation of the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), and in the international negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol. These experiences enable the team to better understand the needs of private operators, analyze the regulatory framework and interface with national and international institutions.

To complete the offer of integrated solutions, Kataclima has partnerships with a network of professionals and companies. Team skills and the flexible structure of the company guarantee the quality of service and cost and time-effective results.

From 2013 Kataclima expanded the range of services, including environmental studies and characterizations. In particular, a new area of the company specialized in Hydrogeology was developed. The team involved comes from many years of experience in applied scientific research, in field investigations and teaching, still taking part in international projects and lectures at I and II level Master courses in different Italian Universities.

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Strategic vision

The comprehension of regulatory and incentives context and its evolution is the key to interpret the needs and opportunities of the carbon and energy market. The complex procedural requirements and their rapid evolution impose an integrated service based on:

  • correct interpretation for an effective compliance strategy;
  • updated information and institutional lobbying;
  • Carbon asset management activity related to the implementation of the regulatory framework and its evolution (post – 2012);
  • deepening of the rules to grasp the associated opportunities;
  • rapid identification of potential advantages in the investment positioning related to the creation or enhancement of the carbon component.

The team Kataclima ensures this approach with reference to:

  • International context (UNFCCC): post-2012 climate change regime (continuation of the Kyoto Protocol or connection between numerous cap&trade markets);
  • European context (EU ETS and Climate & Energy Package): obligations of the EU ETS Directive, new objectives and compliance instruments related to the Energy & Climate Package (post-2012);

National context: implementation of national legislation with European directives and international references.

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