1. It is an online course so I understand I can take the course at my own pace. Is that correct?

Yes, once the access is provided, you can enter the course till March 31st, 2021. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest joining the live Q&A sessions (1 per month) and/or get in touch with us to discuss any doubts. We want to be sure that most of the topics are understood by the participants (and put into practice in their everyday work!).


  1. Can you provide an estimated idea of the dedication needed to complete the course? I mean, how many hours per week? Is it very demanding?

According to the opinion of participants to the 1st edition, yes, it is a demanding course. You need to follow the recordings, read/study given material and do practical exercises with a real-world model. This is why we spread the course over 1 year instead of 4 months as it used to be. Quantifying the hours per week, we suggest following one session every 2-3 weeks (sessions are detailed in the course programme). This is because your mind needs time to assimilate the concepts; following the course in a short time won’t produce the same practical results on your skills.


  1. How can I access the lessons? Are they given as videos or written tutorials?

The course is accessible from our e-learning platform. You will receive username and password to enter the course. Please, see this course orientation to see the kind of content provided.


  1. Which are the basics I need to know before attending the course?

The only requirement is a desire to learn and understand the importance of numerical modelling in our industry. We’ll be periodically available to clarify doubts, integrate concepts, answer questions. And, of course, provide basic material to study in case you really need a refresher 😊


  1. Concerning the GWV7 license for 6 months period, is it the Standard License or the Advance License? Is the license provided once registered on the course?

It is the Advanced one. The license is provided as soon as you require it (we need a code from your computer to generate the key), it is valid in one machine only and will expire after 6 months. We suggest activating it when you have finished the first module.


  1. The provided license of GW Vistas lasts 6 months, is it a sufficient time to complete the course?

Yes, especially if you activate it after having completed Module 1 that does not require the use of GW Vistas. By the end of the course, you are likely to be able to use PEST from outside any GUI.


  1. What kind of course content updates are planned? And what would be the advantage in enrolling for more than 1 year?

We plan to periodically add different kinds of contents:

  • new case studies as soon as we complete our own projects. These normally include contaminated sites, mining sites, geothermal plants, GW management in coastal areas/islands, etc.
  • tutorials about new PEST tools (as soon as we learn to use them!).
  • addition of subtitles to make the awful Australian accent of John Doherty comprehensible to not native English speakers!
  • a session of the course will be dedicated to selected case studies presented by participants that wish to share their own experiences.
  • deepening of specific topics according to the preferences/requests of participants.


  1. Is there any discount for students?

Msc and PHD students fee is 900 euro + VAT (if due).


  1. Is it possible to pay in two instalments?

Yes, we can surely agree that.


  1. Is there any discount for hydrogeologists from very poor countries?

In the last course edition, we provided a completely free access to a young hydrogeologist from Benin that could not afford the course price. In return, he helped us with organizing the course material. So, yes, a deal can be made according to your will to co-operate and improve the course.